A workshop designed to enhance your untapped creativity, plus help you discover God's creative nature by learning and mastering photography. Upcoming: March 18-22 in Wimberley, Texas.  
  • WORKSHOPS: 4 day creative workshops in various cities
  • COURSE: Practical & theoretical course content during workshop
  • COMMUNITY: Daily encouragement in our private Facebook group 
  • SPIRITUAL: Judeo-Christian paradigm for creative discovery 
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Instruction on the art and science of photography
  • EDITING: Discover editing techniques to artisticly express yourself 
Do you ever feel a stirring inside, sort of a desire of your soul to be more creative, but anticipate a roadblock when you actually try to paint, write a poem, or take a picture? That roadblock happens to a lot of people, and it's a common obstacle that we CAN overcome. Often all we need is a guide who has, in a matter of speaking, broken through! 

We would like to offer you a place at a workshop. But it's not like any other self-improvement workshop . . . it's one that helps you kickstart and then accelerate your God-given gift of creativity. But maybe you think that you are just not creative to begin with? We would disagree. It's probably the case that you just haven’t had the right guide.

To that end, we would like to offer you an invitation. It's an invitation to a creativity workshop using the art of photography as your means of self expression. But it's not a normal photo workshop . . . it's a seamless mix of the art of photography, and help unblocking your soul so that you can feel and be creative at any time. 

Yes we know that sounds like a big promise, but there are people on this planet who have never had, for lack of a better term, any “soul blockages” that hinder their creativity. We feel that it's our responsibility to share with you the tools and techniques that we use to stay in a maximum creative state. 

Our names are Susan and Mark Hemmings, and we have have been helping people find their creative voice by using the art of photography since 2005. I (Mark) have taught about thirty international photography workshops in such places as Japan, Mexico, England, Hungary, the Transylvania region of Romania, South Korea, and Canada. These workshops have been extremely helpful for my students, as it allowed them to level out any left and right brain inequalities to produce technically great photos that ALSO were highly creative and artistic.

And I (Susan) am highly empathic and I have a well-developed skill to help you clear out the debris in your soul and spirit. With excess junk cut out, the metaphysical aspects of your person can be free to create without any hindrances. This is a goldmine situation, which not only helps you learn photography, but also excel in all other forms of art.

Both of us landed on a name for our new endeavor, and we are calling it Discover God Photography. This is a bit of a play on words . . . on this workshop you will Discover God by learning photography, and with the other meaning, you will discover an art form called God Photography. Yes, it may sound a bit silly, but in our mind Discover God Photography is an apt title for a workshop that draws on God’s creative resources to help us be the creative humans that we were always meant to be. 

So to sum up . . . our Discover God photography workshops are designed to help you excel at creativity. I (Mark) will teach you photography, and I (Susan) will help you with issues of the heart, soul, and spirit for maximum creative output. We hope to see you in Texas, as it is our sincere desire to help you realize your maximum creative potential!
Mark and Susan Hemmings
Your Hosts Mark and Susan Hemmings 
What it is, and how it can benefit you!
The name Discover God Photography is a mix of two concepts: 
#1 Discover an art form called God Photography
#2 Discover God via the art of Photography

The workshop runs from Monday to Friday, and includes practical lessons on the art and science of photography. This includes composition, editing, gear choices, and technical considerations such as manual modes for both regular and mobile device cameras.

The second aspect of this workshop involves the spiritual side of creativity. During the week we will (in the words of Brother Lawrence) "practice the presence of God". Through biblical meditation and prayer we will seek creative inspiration from Holy Spirit to act as a foundation for our photographic learning. 
This workshop is open to any person of any believe or faith, however please keep in mind that we use the name of Jesus for all of our prayer and meditation times. If you are comfortable with that, you are welcome. If however you would like to learn photography with Mark Hemmings in a secular environment, please check out his Japan, Mexico, Caribbean, Greece, and Italy photo workshops at www.markhemmings.com

This workshop will be especially helpful for any staff members or volunteers within church media departments as we will be going through technical aspects of mastering various aspects of photography.
The next Discover God Photography workshop is planned for Monday March 18th to Friday March 22nd 2019. 
We have chosen Wimberley Texas as our preferred location due to a fantastic retreat center called The Cedars Ranch: www.thecedarsranch.com 

Wimberley is almost evenly split between San Antonio and Austin Texas. Click here to view the Google map view of Wimberley and the surrounding area.
Susan Hemmings has been involved with intuitive counseling for 15 years and has a keen ability to hear from God for other people. Her empathy and insight has been a guide for a multitude of people who she has helped in both structured and unstructured counseling and ministering scenarios.

Mark Hemmings has been working as a professional photographer for two decades now, and an international photography workshop instructor since 2004. Check out his international photography portfolio at www.markhemmings.com

There is much more information on Mark and Susan in sections below.
Workshop Fee: $1,995 USD/Person
The normal price of the Discover God Photography workshops is $2,495 USD, however as a thank you for signing up within the month of January 2019 we would like to offer you a $500 discount. So the final price per person is $1,995 USD, and $2,495 USD from February 1st 2019.
Sign-Up Instructions
Please request the Application Form/Contract PDF by emailing mark@markhemmings.com. When you have read through the PDF and are ready to join up, Mark will send you a PayPal invoice for the workshop amount. You can pay either with your own PayPal account or any major credit card that PayPal partners with.
4 Day Creative Boost Workshop
From Susan Hemmings: "Two decades ago my husband started his career as a professional photographer, and I started my life as an intercessor. While that term may have different meanings to different people, what it means in my experience is that Holy Spirit will often put a person or subject on my heart and mind to inspire prayer. It could be an instruction to pray for the safety of a friend at a certain time, strategy for praying for the health and prosperity of a nation, or even a timely word of encouragement while praying for someone. My role in the Discover God Photography workshops is to spend time with you guiding prayer and meditation sessions. We will work in groups, couples, and one-on-one so you can get closer to God AND radically enhance your creative God-given ability to express yourself. I am looking forward to meeting with you to kick-off this fantastic journey!

From Mark Hemmings:
"Developing and enhancing your God-given creative nature is critical to understanding God's plan for your creative destiny. As I have been teaching photography to people, such as yourself, during international photo workshops since 2004, I have come to the conclusion that everyone has the ability to be wildly creative. It's just that most people have no idea how to open that first door to creative self expression. To that end, my wife and I wanted to offer a 4 day workshop for people of faith who either feel creatively stifled or feel that they have reached a plateau. My role is to be a kick-starter and encourager to utilize the art of photography to help you get closer to God and closer to your ideal level of creative self expression."
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Discover the art and science of using DSLR, Mirrorless, Point & Shoot, and mobile device cameras.
  • EDITING: A good portion of creative self expression is editing your photos afterward using various editing apps.
  • INSPIRATION: Creative inspiration from God Himself is what we will discover and fine-tune through times of prayer and reflection. 
Monday March 18 is when participants will be arriving at the Cedars Ranch, our workshop location. As participants will be flying or driving in at various times of the day and evening, today is primarily a meet & greet time. We will have dinner catered to us at The Cedars, and in the evening we will be driven to our hotel.

Tuesday and Wednesday start out with breakfast, and then a shuttle ride to The Cedars Ranch. Our morning sessions for both days will be the spiritual component lead by Susan Hemmings. We will break for a catered lunch, and then the afternoon sessions for both days will be the creative photography sessions. There will be plenty of breaks and snacks/drinks will be provided. Supper time will be at an excellent restaurant. After supper (approximately 8pm) participants have free time to explore Wimberley or to return to the hotel. 

Thursday is a special day of one-on-one time with each participant. After breakfast Susan will be spending time with you alone (or if you are a couple you can choose to have this session together) helping you fine tune your ability to hear from God clearly in your own way. Of course this ability to hear from God is primarily in the context of enhancing your creativity, but it also increases your ability to hear in other ways for your life. At the same time Mark will also be doing private sessions with each one of you giving you individual photography lessons on aspects of photography that you are struggling with. During this morning individual session, those who have already had their private sessions will be asked to wander around The Cedars Ranch property, taking photos and working on a creative journal. We will have time slots for each person to meet with Mark and Susan. 

After our catered lunch Sue will continue the individual sessions while Mark helps with editing your photos for the end-of-workshop slideshow party. Unlike the past two nights where we went out to restaurants, tonight we will enjoy a lovely catered dinner at the ranch and enjoy the food while Mark hosts our photo review time. Each person will submit their five favorite photos, plus their "fun photos" that they took of each other during the workshop. Don't worry, this is not a photo critique! The slide-show party is an enjoyment of your creative work regardless of what stage of photographic learning you are at. After the evening celebrations, everyone will be taken back to the hotel.

Friday is the end of our fun and informative workshop, and we will be sad to see everyone depart! After breakfast at the hotel or nearby cafe you will be free to head back home, taking with you a new mastery of the photographic arts plus a deeper relationship with our creative God.  
Discover the best Time-of-Day tips for incredible light
Financial-Related FAQ
What is the price of this workshop? SPECIAL DEAL! The normal price for the Discover God Photography workshop is $2,495 USD, however as a thank you for signing up early we would like to offer you a $500 discount up until the end of January 2019. So the final price per person is $1,995 USD, and $2,495 USD from February 1st 2019.

What does the $1,995 fee include? Welcome dinner Monday evening, all meals Tuesday to Thursday, breakfast Friday morning, as well as daily snacks and drinks at The Cedars Ranch. Your fee also includes a hotel room from Monday evening check-in to Friday morning check-out. Also included are all teaching materials and sessions including a private Facebook community to keep in contact with each other and to share our struggles and successes.

What does the fee NOT include? All participants are responsible to arrive at The Cedars Ranch on Monday, and depart from the Hotel Flora and Fauna Friday after breakfast. If you don't have your own transportation and are arriving at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the staff at The Cedar's Ranch can help with obtaining shuttle service for an extra fee. If there are many participants arriving at the airport at the same time, costs for shuttles can be shared. When signing up please send us your transportation arrangements so we can help you as best as possible. The fee also doesn't include any alcoholic drinks at the restaurants.

What is the payment schedule? The full amount is due upon signing up. 

What are the payment options? We send out PayPal invoices which allow you to pay with any major credit card plus your PayPal account if you so desire.

Is there tax on the workshop fee? Mark Hemmings Photography Inc. is a registered Canadian corporation, and as such does not charge any tax outside of Canada.

What is your refund/cancellation policy? If you cancel 60 days or more from the start of the workshop, you will receive a full refund of fees you have paid, minus a $500 USD administration fee. If you cancel 30-59 days from the start of the workshop, 50% of your workshop fee will be refunded. No refund will be given if canceling 29 days or less from the workshop start date. We can't make exceptions to our $500 non-refundable administrative fee policy. As we have a limited group size, an empty seat on a workshop is a significant loss to us, and this is our way of protecting ourselves. You may choose to purchase your own travel insurance that includes cancellations.

How do I know this is a legitimate workshop and not a scam? Mark has been a professional photographer from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada since 1997. Please do a Google search for Mark Hemmings Photography to see what the internet has to say about him, and feel free to check Mark’s personal website: www.markhemmings.com. Mark’s Facebook page is www.facebook.com/markhemmingsphotography and his Instagram page is www.instagram.com/markhemmings. Also, CBS News did a feature on Mark’s Photo Tours to Japan. Photos: http://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/snow-monkeys-of-japan Video: https://vimeo.com/156173906
Workshop-Related FAQ
How do I sign up? The sign up instructions are included in a section below.

How many participants will be on this workshop? The cap is 12 participants, which allows us to give you the maximum amount of attention.

Do you accommodate special dietary needs? We do our best to make everyone happy with great food, and will work hard to have food that is good for you to eat. The best thing to do is email us with your specific dietary requirements before you sign-up, and we can get back to you with an answer.

Can my spouse come as a non-participant? Spouses are welcome to stay with you at the hotel and come with the group to the evening meals at the restaurants, but we ask that they do not take part in any of the sessions at the ranch. Please contact us if you have a non participating spouse and we will help with the hotel arrangements.

Is there a Single Supplement extra fee? No, we want to welcome single participants as much as we welcome couples.

Is it ok to bring my teenage Granddaughter? Certainly. If she wants to learn about how spirit and soul elements combine to enhance creativity, she is welcome. Age 13 is the minimum age for workshop attendance.

What is your history teaching photo workshops? 2004 South Korea. 2005 Japan and Hungary. 2006 Japan and Hungary. 2007 Japan and Hungary. 2008 Japan and Mexico. 2009 Japan and Mexico. 2010 Japan, Hungary, Mexico, and Romania/Transylvania. 2011 Romania/Transylvania and Mexico. 2012 Mexico. 2013 Mexico. 2014 Mexico. 2015 Mexico. 2016 Japan and Mexico. 2017 Japan and Mexico. 2018 Greece, Japan and Mexico. 2019 (upcoming) Texas, Italy, Greece, Caribbean, Mexico, and Japan.
Photography-Related FAQ
I am a complete photographic beginner. Will I be the "weak link"? Not at all! Complete beginners have the advantage of not picking up any bad habits. This will be the perfect start for your newly started creative photography art form.

I am an experienced advanced amateur photographer. Will I get anything out of this workshop? Yes! Mark's goal is to provide the missing pieces to your photography workflow. Are you technically competent? Let's work on your creative/artistic side. Are you comfortable with creativity but can't figure out the relationship between ISO, shutter speed, and aperture? let's work on your technical proficiency. 

What kind of camera and equipment do I need for this workshop? Any camera will do. DSLR's, Mirrorless, point & shoot, iPhones and Android devices are all welcome. A tripod would be useful (inexpensive plastic tripods are fine), and ideally a laptop or iPad/tablet for downloading and editing your photos.

How will we edit our photos? Mark will be teaching photo editing using Adobe Lightroom CC (both the desktop and iPhone/Android version). If you don't already use Lightroom CC, you can download a free 7 day trial at Adobe's website. Mark also advises everyone who has a smartphone to download the free Lightroom CC mobile app. Click here to download to an iPhone/iPad, and here to download to an Android device.  
Spiritual-Related FAQ
Is this workshop a part of a specific denomination? No. This workshop is was crafted in such a way that members of any stream of Christianity would benefit. Mark and Susan have been influenced by the Catholic Charismatic Movement, the Catholic contemplatives (Madame Guyon, Brother Lawrence etc), as well as countless protestant influences. 

I like photography, but I'm a private person who doesn't want to get involved with the spiritual side. Should I attend? We will be actively praying for each other and engaging in contemplative exercises that will involve a certain degree of your participation. Our course is based on the foundation of spiritual, and the photography simply "lies on top" of that foundation. If you don't feel comfortable with the spiritual/soul aspects of this workshop, you may feel better suited to Mark's secular workshops which can be found at www.markhemmings.com

Will I need to be vulnerable during this workshop? You will not be forced to do anything during this workshop! However when we are in a group setting discussing blockages to creativity as well as success stories, we would love to hear your voice! Even if you feel that you have nothing valuable to offer, we can guarantee that your questions, problems, and solutions will help all of us!
Express yourself by experimenting with abstract photography 
Workshop Fee: $1,995 USD/Person until January 31st, then $2,495 USD
The normal price for the Discover God Photography workshop is $2,495 USD, however as a thank you for signing up early we would like to offer you a $500 discount up until January 31. So the final price per person is $1,995 USD, and $2,495 USD from February 1st 2019.
Sign-Up Instructions
Please request the Application Form/Contract PDF by emailing mark@markhemmings.com. When you have read through the PDF and are ready to join up, Mark will send you a PayPal invoice for the downpayment amount. You can pay either with your own PayPal account or any major credit card that PayPal partners with.
Learn how to compose photos like the pros
Mark and Susan Hemmings
A major part of this workshop is to help you with your creative foundations. What are the roadblocks that keep you from being creative? Have past experiences tainted the way that you see yourself in light of being and feeling creative? What are some spiritual and practical tools that I can use to stay in a place of creativity most of the time? These are all excellent questions that we will work on. Susan's role is to facilitate the spirit and soul aspects of remaining creative, and Mark's role is to help you with the artistic and technical aspects of photography, which for this workshop is our chosen medium for expressing ourselves. 

Each morning Susan will lead an opening prayer time inviting Holy Spirit to help us in not only increasing our creativity, but sustaining it over the long term. Susan will lead group discussions on common problems that we have all encountered, and solutions that we can share with each other. These group sessions are a fantastic means to prove to yourself that everyone has creative blocks, but those blocks don't need to stay with you! 

Susan will also be organizing one-on-one sessions to help you pull away from any hindrances that have crept in within your history, so you can move forward with a fully expressive and creative life.

Mark loves teaching the art and science of photography, and is looking forward to helping you master your own camera. Mark's desire is that your camera (regardless of make and model, mobile or DSLR) be used as the chosen tool for creative self expression. With Mark's artistic and technical proficiency, plus Susan's counseling acumen, we are very confident that you will depart the workshop with a very high level of expressive creativity! 
Mark: Technical & Artistic Facilitator
Susan: Spirit & Soul Health
Contact Us
Mark and Susan Hemmings can be contacted via email: mark@markhemmings.com and/or sue@markhemmings.com. Our Canadian phone number is 506-898-0204. We are always happy to chat with you!
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Workshop Fee: $1,995 USD/Person until January 31st, then $2,495 USD
The normal price for the Discover God Photography workshop is $2,495 USD, however as a thank you for signing up early we would like to offer you a $500 discount up until January 31. So the final price per person is $1,995 USD, and $2,495 USD from February 1st 2019.
Sign-Up Instructions
Please request the Application Form/Contract PDF by emailing mark@markhemmings.com. When you have read through the PDF and are ready to join up, Mark will send you a PayPal invoice for the downpayment amount. You can pay either with your own PayPal account or any major credit card that PayPal partners with.
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